Our philosophical approach is predicated on a constant exchange between the heart and the mind, emotion and science intertweaved.

The scientific approach encompasses the preliminary measurements of the best passive components, drivers and expensive internal wiring. The components are warmed up prior to any listening test to recreate what a client will hear in his own environment. Our handcrafted process requires lengthy quality control tests that must be done to insure that each speaker can be certified as an Ars Aures product.

The heart or emotional approach is evidenced as we search for an evocative sound by tuning the crossover as we listen. Natural sound, dynamics and soundstage are important and indispensable qualities when searching for sound reproduction of musical event. Without these traits the feeling of freedom of expression and liveness cannot exist. Our technologies include: first-order crossover, bass reflex, band pass and, above all, no compromise in musical reproduction. Our path to High-End is simple and is based upon quality. The aim is to capture the emotions of the music that hang in the air and bring them to you.