Research & Technology


Our Technology is founded upon two basic priciples:

Neutral Cabinet

We believe that a speaker must add nothing to the music. It must only be a conduit for the source; an absolute fidelity reproduction system.

Only the drivers in a speakers should be heard. The cabinet cannot introduce any noise, which may interfere with the sound stage or the clarity of the input source.

Ars Aures Audio speakers employ high-density woods with a variety of thickness in the cabinet, varying from a density of 1¼" to 3¾" to eliminate unwanted vibration that might produce noise. Even our various marble speakers, made on request, to obtain maximum neutrality.

The internal distribution of volumes and shapes is studied to minimize and eliminate stationary waves inside the cabinet that could introduce distorsion. For the same reason, our cabinets have no sharp angles to avoid diffractions.

Natural Crossover

THE MAIN GOAL of Ars Aures crossovers is to retain a seamless transition between the drivers that creates a sweet and natural sound.

We choose the best available matched drivers in the world so that no crossover correction is required.

The crossover allows the drivers to work well within their best frequency range. This allows the drivers to blend imperceptibly so they appear to the listener to be one.

Our Natural Crossover produces no phase rotation and does not alter the speed of the drivers. This maintains time coherency which locates instruments and vocals in their proper place in space.

We do all of this to maintain a very linear phase response. This gives all of the Ars Aures loudspeakers a true and realistic soundstage and very natural reproduction of the musical event.