Mini Sensorial

MINI Sensorial was designed, following the demand to offer a modern and elegant style, such as bigger sister Sensorial, buth with less sized cabinet, so to be easily placed in smaller envinronments.

With MINI Sensorial, we have kept same no comparisons musicalness of Revelator tweeter from Danish Scan Speak, while two smaller mid-woofers, 4 inches instead 5,5 adopted on SENSORIAL, have been assembled, always in D’Appolito array scheme.

Giving up a less impact response on lower frequencies than bigger model, in MINI Sensorial are left same balance, micro-dynamic and transparence of this. The global loudspeaker performance is a not common precision and Stage focusing, with total absence of blur or shadows.

Extremely fast and ruthless in bailing out from every recording the smallest detail.

Due its highest quality, MINI Sensorial has been elected, among many competitors, from Recording Label Tau Records like benchmark loudspeaker for testing classical piano solo recordings.

Andrea Alia, Tau Records label Boss and also sound mixing technician, regards Ars Aures MINI Sensorial as a precision instrument for his work; a special gear to which he shouldn’t ever renounce.

Trough MINI Sensorial, he can feel, almost with mathematical precision, every different nuance in sound recording of Steinway Grand Piano, dependent of millimetric placement variations of professional microphones.

He usually says, also thanks to Ars Aures, every Tau Records master gives back the Grand Piano Steinway in its full beauty and clearness, faithful and lacking of errors.

Very hard to distinguish live execution from musical reproduction, played with MINI Sensorial.

Specifiche tecniche 

System type: standmount, bass reflex 
Frequency Response : 50-30.000Hz +-3dB 
Nominal Impedence: 4 Ohm (4.5 MIN) 
Sensitivity: : 89 dB (2.83v, 1m)
Crossover: 6 db/octave, litz coils
Recommended power amp: 50 W(tubes) 100 W (solid state)

Components: 2 woofers 5"
Components: Tweeter 1" revelator
Dimensions (HxWxD): 74x44x23 cm
Finish: HDF high gloss with wood or mdf high gloss laterals 
Cabinet:60 mm(front panel); from 55 to 40 mm others
Net Weight: 30Kg each one