Note Musicali Series

Musical Notes HISTORY In 2002, after 5 years from its'inception in 1997, Ars Aures Audio presented the Musical Notes line at Las Vegas CES. The new loudspeaker line was designed as a benchmark product without compromises in quality or musicality. High technology in projecting, manufacturing and testing are only the preface of the know how that brings the birth of a Musical Note's Speaker.

The unique AA sound is a result of many factors. First, we select drivers that are closely matched to obtain uniformity and consistency in our sound. Then we invest a great deal of time in intense listening sessions. There are many fine ways to arrive at "good" sound but only our special blend of warmth, concreteness, sweetness, and detail can be called, "The Musical Notes Sound". This is the best that high-end technology can offer to reach our ultimate goal: "Realism".