Note Musicali - SOL

Our early flagship, before introducing ESTASI, we used it as benchmark, to test other models of A.A. production. Because, at Ars Aures Audio we never stopped our target to go beyond average knowledge about Hi End meaning. Adopting an original design, starting from double cavity idea and transmission lines, with SOL model we’ve been able to achieve an extremely vivid and clear bass response but fast and detailed at same time. Natural crossing in mid-high frequencies, with smooth 6db for octave response, allowed a perfect matching among different drivers, mantaining electrical signal pure, without electrical forcing and lacking of any changing of phase. Result is a totally natural sound, zero listening phatigue, with a large three-dimensional stage. Even if easy to drive by power amplifiers, SOL however needs the best quality available, in terms of balance and clearness. Its five speakers, especially large twin 11 inches woofers, are strictly demanding about electrical power absorption. So, not big power are requested, but surely able to supply energy in a very fast way, according to signal peaks. If power amps have these qualities, balance and clearness resulting from musical reproduction will give you an unforgettable listening experience.

Specifiche tecniche 

System type: floorstander bass reflex with bandpass woofers 
Frequency Response : 25-28.000Hz +-3dB 
Nominal Impedence: 4Ohm (min 2.8)
Sensitivity: : 89dB (2.83v, 1m)
Crossover: 6db/octave, litz coils
Recommended power amp: 50-150W (tubes and solid state)

Components: 2 mid woofers 5"
Components: Tweeter 1" revelator
Components: 2 bandpass woofer 11"
Dimensions (HxWxD): 151.5x34x55cm (59"5/8x13"2/8x21"5/8)
Finish: HDF high gloss finish (any color)
Cabinet: 90mm (3"4/8)(front panel); 30mm (1"1/8) (others)
Net Weight: 120Kg each (264lbs)