Note Musicali - Musical Center


With Musical Center we weren’t looking for a usual component, dedicated to A/V world. We really wished to design a truly high end loudspeaker, for both music and video lovers. A center channel so amazing, so that nobody could still believe it wasn’t possible conceive a speaker, able to sound audiophile like. So, Musical Center is a fully complete loudspeaker, dynamic, balanced and at same time refined, ideal player of human voice reproduction, so important in a multichannel system which aspires to be called HIGH END.

Musical a few words... The center channel par excellence!

Specifiche tecniche 

System type: standmount, bass reflex 
Frequency Response : 60-30.000Hz +-3dB 
Nominal Impedence: 4Ohm 
Sensitivity: : 89 dB (2.83v, 1m)
Crossover: 6 db/octave, litz coils
Recommended power amp: 30-100 W (tube and solid state)

Components: 2 woofers 4"1/2
Components: Tweeter 1" Revelator
Dimensions (HxWxD): 28x23x36 cm
Finish: HDF high gloss, solid wood, wood painted 
Cabinet: from 30 to 60 mm
Net Weight: 16Kg each one
Wood pedestals upon request