F1 Center Channel



The more increasing request of multi-channel systems, in order to reproduce new high resolution formats as sacd and Blu-ray Audio &Video, was good reason to accept a new challenge to design a center channel with exceptional value for money ratio.

So, like it’s happened with Musical Center from Musical Notes Collection, also F1 Center Channel has to be valued like a fully complete loudspeaker, able to reproduce with powerful and realism, so as smoothness when it occurs, both musical drama or action movies original soundtracks.

Nothing less than “The Fifth Element”, necessary to convey at your home all purity of multichannel reproduction magician.

For moments of absolute thrilling.



Specifiche tecniche 

System type: sealed enclosure 
Frequency Response : 65-20.000Hz +-3dB 
Nominal Impedence: 8Ohm 
Sensitivity: : 89 dB (2.83v, 1m)
Crossover: 6 db/octave, litz coils
Recommended power amp: 30-100 W (tube and solid state)

Components: 1 woofers 6"1/2
Components: Tweeter 1" 
Dimensions (HxWxD): 25x43x22 cm
Finish: MDF faux wood, high and medium gloss, solid wood 
Cabinet: from 30 mm (frontal) 25 mm others
Net Weight: 10Kg each one