Lately launched by A.A  is the Estasi.

Its name origins from ancient greek language.

ἐξ στάσις means to become estranged from own’s body, soul coming out of human shape, due to very intense raptus of passion, which brings man to purest part of his being.

Estasi, actually, represents the maximum apex achieved from Ars Aures knowledge, into unique focus we follow since A.A. establishment: offer Music, not reproduction of it, to our customers.

For this goal, Ars Aures is regarded, for more than fifteen years, in U.S. and in the rest of the world, as a true milestone.

So, exactly like it happens for every A.A. product, also cheaper, ESTASI is wholly handly designed, built, assembled and finished.

Over two months of delicate and precise human working, from our ebanists and painters, occur to realize a pair of this monumental loudspeaker.

Then, one week more time to test loudspeakers, initially trough instruments; after with human ear.

ESTASI is a three – way floorstanding loudspeaker, dynamic but not active, with D’Appolito configuration array for high-mid frequencies.

Mid bass from norwegian Seas, double motor tweeter, with silk dome, from danish Scan Speak.

Inside its cabinet, are placed in double cavity scheme, two 11 inches woofers from french Focal.

Structure presents variable thicknesses, from 30mm to 100mm, in High Density Frame, in according to neutral cabinet patent, which Ars Aures has developed, during these years, together shared projects with Italian University, Engineering Faculty.

Neutral cabinet patent focuses its development in order to minimize and eliminate stationary waves inside the cabinet that could introduce distorsion. The crossover network is a pure piece of art; wholly handcrafted with true state of the art components only, It is the beating heart of ESTASI.

Strictly mono-wiring external connection, for maximum quality path, ESTASI binding posts deserve to appear at modern art museum.

True jewels of italian craftmanship tradition, they are manufactured in a mix of very special alloys, usually adopted in very high performances engines cars from world races, by Italian Company Deep Audio, on exclusive A.A. request and technical specifications.

It’s very difficult spend some more words for ESTASI, if not to say It is, without any doubt, one of the ten best big loudspeakers of entire Hi-End Market.

Ars Aures ESTASI

First listen, then you’ll believe...

Specifiche tecniche 

Frequency Response: 20-30.000Hz + -3dB 
Normal Impendence: 4 Ohm
Sensitivy: 92dB/w/m 
Crossover: 6db /octave, litz coils
Recommended power amp: 20-100W

Components: 2 mid woofers 5,5"
Components: 2 bandpass woofers 11"
Components: tweeter scan speak revelator, double motor, 1"
Dimensions (HxWxD): 166,5x76,5x36 cm
Finish: very special high glossy lacquer
Net Weight: 190Kg each one
Special Stone Italiana bases included